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Amazonia Loves, Acai Bowl Lovers...

Amazonia Loves, Acai Bowl Lovers...

posted September 4, 2018 - Uncategorized

We love acai bowls and we love people who love acai bowls too and we want to celebrate these people and their stories, blogs recipes and websites.

Here at Amazonia we are spicing up the health scene with our flair for creating the world's most delicious and nourishing products. Our team is an inspired bunch who take what we do very seriously. Getting high on açaí, sampling smoothie bowls, sharing our health knowledge and saving the Amazon Rainforest are all in a day's work here.


We know that the more we all share our love of healthy, good food that has low impact on the environment and a great impact in the body then we can all start to change the world together.

As part of this movement we invited acai lovers across the world to share their foodie stories, why they love acai and their favourite acai bowl recipes and anything else they care to by linking up to our blog hop below.

Looking to find great healthy bloggers, want to find amazing bowl recipes, or just intrigued why so many people love acai - then just hop between all these fantastic pages to discover all you could need to know!

And if you are an acai lover why not link your own blog here below (see instructions below)

If you also want to add a blog here is how it works:

You write the blog on your own website. Tell people who you are. Why you love acai. What your dream acai bowl would be made of. Anything else you want to share….

FINALLY: Please include the final paragraph at the bottom of your blog so it links to all the other blogs (make sure the link is also live set to do follow)

This blog was written as part of Amazonia Organic Acai’s “Amazonia Loves, Acai Bowl Lovers” blog hop and you can read blogs from many other acai lovers at www.amazonia.organic

We will also be sharing lots of inspiring photos of healthy living and acai bowls on Instagram