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Amazonia Partners with Coconut Bowls for Sustainability

Amazonia Partners with Coconut Bowls for Sustainability

posted news and tagged partnership, coconut bowls, coconut on July 19, 2018.

Did you know that billions, yes, billions of coconut shells go to waste each and every year as a by-product of the ever-growing coconut industry to create products including coconut oil, butter, milk, water, skincare products and more!! Unfortunately, the only solution up until now is to burn the shells or discard them in a landfill. Both of which don’t sit so well with us at Amazonia as we are all about ensuring the sustainability of our planet, our home, our mother.  For this reason, we are happy to announce that we are partnering with the world’s first and most established producer of coconut bowls.  They're handcrafted, 100% natural and made entirely from organic coconuts.

Coconut Bowls, as their name suggests, provide coconut bowls in the form of recycled coconut shells that have been discarded as waste, given a little love and turned into beautiful eco-friendly bowls that you can eat from. We take the coconut shells to one of our three ethical workshops in Vietnam and Indonesia, where we employ local craftspeople at well above fair trade standards. Our team cuts, sands and polishes these coconut shells into beautiful coconut bowls that are food safe, reusable, and can last a lifetime. Every coconut bowl is unique, with its own shape, size, marking and imperfections. They’re one in a billion, just like every customer who has welcomed these incredible, eco-friendly products into their kitchens and lives.

Each bowl is finished with an organic, virgin coconut oil polish, they are reusable and can last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. They're also FDA approved food safe so you can feel confident knowing that your loved-ones at home or your customers at your cafe are eating from a healthy, trusted source.

Beautiful Bowls made from real coconuts, handcrafted with love to your kitchen, perfect for Acai bowls and more including Amazonia’s newly released organic coconut meat. Check out all of our delicious recipes.

Coconut Bowls are fun for the whole family, and they'll make your food both look and taste delicious. 

Everyone loves eating out of Coconut Bowls. Get your coconut bowls on our website, try them out and know that you are doing for yourself and the planet!!