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#CocoBowl 3 Ways

#CocoBowl 3 Ways

posted recipes and tagged coconut bowl, coconut, cocobowl, breakfast bowl, amazonia on May 15, 2016.

Watch out Acai, there's a new bowl in town...

The #cocobowl is the  latest addition to our famous Amazonia breakfast bowl family, made with our sustainably harvested 100% real Coconut frozen packs. It's been going off at cafes everywhere since our launch last month and you can now get the packs to make your own too!

We've been busy tasting and testing at the Amazonia HQ and have come up with some incredible combinations. Here are 3 of our favourite ways to do the #cocobowl...



Cocolicious Bowl

Ingredients: 2x Coconut Sachets, 3/4 frozen banana or 1 fresh, 80ml coconut water or coconut milk. BLEND.

Toppings: Coconut flakes, granola, sliced banana







Mango Colada

Ingredients: 2x Coconut Sachets, 2 frozen mango cheeks or 1 flesh of one fresh mango, 80ml coconut water or coconut milk. BLEND.

Toppings: Coconut flakes, passionfruit pulp, fresh mango or banana slices, granola






Coco-Berry Bang

Ingredients: 2x Coconut Sachets, half frozen banana, handful of frozen berries, 80ml coconut water or milk. BLEND.

Toppings: Granola, raspberries, pomegranate, mint.




Amazonia Frozen Coconut Sachets are available at health food stores (just ask them to get it in if they don't already have it), on our website, or you can try a #cocobowl at one of  the amazing cafes serving it around Australia.... and if your local Acai spot doesn't serve them yet, request they start because you need this in your life.