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Missing Sweet Treats?

Missing Sweet Treats?

posted health & wellbeing and tagged fruit, meal plan, ice cream, acai, vegan on February 8, 2017.

New Year new you! Eating healthy, keeping fit and making progress but missing treats? We have the perfect solution... Certified organic frozen açai delivered to your door! You can snack direct from the frozen pack or prepare an easy to make açai Bowl. This delicious superfood tastes like a blend of berries and chocolate and contains extraordinary amounts of antioxidants that have excellent medicinal benefits including improved heart health and removing free radicals (the nasties that cause cancer) from the bloodstream. Furthermore, these little antioxidant-full superfruit acai berries also contain high levels of omega fats that fuel healthy immune systems which in turn are great for fighting colds and illnesses.

As more and more people become dairy, sugar and gluten free and shift away from much loved treats like ice cream, there is a push for something fun, healthy and yummy and this is where açai comes in!


Açai is great for people on meal plans as our frozen sachets are 100g so they count as just over one serve of fruit. You can compliment them with healthy nuts, other berries and a granola topping for a super tasty, healthy meal that fits any balanced diet.

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