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What you can do for sustainability in this world: a few words about water use, plastic and organic food

What you can do for sustainability in this world: a few words about water use, plastic and organic food

posted health & wellbeing and tagged sustainability, earth, nature, lifestyle, natural beauty, wellbeing, natural health, health on August 23, 2018.

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do for sustainability in today’s world? Do you truly know what sustainability means? Do you have a grasp on what it is and simply turn a blind eye to everything that is happening in today’s age or are you on the forefront of making a positive impact already? Putting it simply, if you genuinely want to do your part when it comes to sustainability and make a positive change then you need to be the change. Starting from easy steps like organic food and healthy 

First things first, why is sustainability so important?

The answer is very simple; because the future of humans, animals, food cultivation and ultimately our beloved mother earth all depend on it. We need to ensure that the decisions we make today are creating a positive impact for things to come tomorrow.

So what can we as individuals do, in our part for making a change? We need to start to act locally and spread the word amongst our network of family and friends to ensure others are also joining in on this very important issue. By acting locally, we need to make small changes to our everyday life such as minimising water use - simple things like closing the running water when showering, washing dishes or brushing your teeth will all add up in saving precious amounts of water.

Start buying organic food

Start buying organic food – by buying organic food, you are saying no to conventional agriculture which means we are boycotting the use pesticides, herbicides and other toxic materials which get sprayed all over the soil of where these vegetables grow and in turn destroy it.

Eliminate the usage of plastics

Another local act we can carry out is to eliminate the usage of plastics. Plastic products are literally destroying the planet at a rapid rate. When you go shopping at your local supermarket, take a basket or used carton box with you to place your goodies so you don’t require unnecessary plastic bags. If you own a cafe serving take away meals and drinks, start to look for vegetable – based products that are replacing single plastic use. They have the added bonus that they are biodegradable and can be thrown into your compost bins after use.

This short article is just that – a very short piece on something serious happening right now on a much larger scale. Do your research and find other means of adapting your everyday life which is going to ensure the longevity of our planet.

At Amazonia, we live up to this idea each day, and that is why we are happy to provide coconut bowls to serve your beautiful meals in. Get one of those--and make your small input to saving our planet!