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Questions to Ask Your Waiter When Ordering an Acai Bowl

Questions to Ask Your Waiter When Ordering an Acai Bowl

posted health & wellbeing and tagged questions about acai, organic berries, acai bowl, acai on July 12, 2018.

Isn’t it amazing that acai bowls and smoothie bowls in general are fast becoming popular on cafe menus across Europe? We are so blessed nowadays to have the opportunity to consume a particular berry turned into a delicious acai bowl with its incredible health benefits that up until recently was not so widespread. However, this growth in the marketplace comes with a caution for health-longing consumers as vast amounts of non-organic acai berries loaded with refined sugars, fillers and preservatives are also becoming available.

Whether you dine in at a cafe or prefer to stop by a juice bar to grab a take away an acai bowl, you are making a conscious decision to eat a powerhouse superfood and reap its medicinal benefits. You need to ensure that it’s a premium grade, certified organic acai that you will consume which is what we at Amazonia are passionate about when it comes to our products.

For that reason we are providing you with a few key questions to ask your waiter the next time you order an acai bowl to ensure you are not only enjoying its delicious flavour but receiving the goodness that acai has to offer:

What brand of acai do you use?

Only Amazonia offers “fresh acai to pack guarantee” which means the berries are non-reconstituted providing maximum quality.

Take a taste of our acai to make sure!

Do you use frozen acai pulp or a sorbet?

The pulp of the acai berries is what you want to consume as sorbets are typically loaded with sugars, preservatives and other fillers.

Is it certified organic?

You only want to be consuming organic acai, again to ensure you are maximising the physical benefits that acai has to offer.

Does it come from a sustainable source?

Wild harvested acai is the only true form of acai essential for the sustainability of our planet. Only certified organic berries can be wild harvested in their natural habitat.

What other ingredients are in the acai?

You want to ensure that you are consuming a premium grade acai bowl that is not loaded with refined sugars and other nasties.