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How to Eat and Stay Healthy While Being on Holiday

How to Eat and Stay Healthy While Being on Holiday

posted health & wellbeing and tagged holdiay, healthy food, vacation, holiday, healthy living, healthy treat, acai bowl on July 25, 2018.

The biggest dilemmas we have whilst being on holidays is what to eat and stay healthy. How do I fully let go and surrender to being on holiday without indulging in foods that are going to undo all of the past few months hard work in the gym ?!

It's actually quite easy to stay healthy on holiday!

Here are a few tips to ensure you can still eat wholesome, delicious food and have fun whilst on holidays this summer season

Tip 1: as soon as you arrive at your holiday destination, try and visit a local grocery store or an organic food shop.

These little oases are popping up in many touristic locations and should be easy to find with a simple google search. Once you have found your store, stock up on local fruits and vegetables for your hotel or apartment. If you want to also grab some packaged treats for you or your children for when you’re at the beach or out from your hotel always read the ingredients on the packaging and stay away from added sugars, preservatives and fillers.

Tip 2: when making a decision on which restaurant or beach club you will visit for lunch or dinner tonight, try to have a read of the menu online before making your reservation.

Most reputable locations will have their full menu on display on their respective websites. After reading the menu, you know whether or not you're able to choose a healthy option for you and the family stay healthy.

Tip 3: always seek to ask for a gluten-free or vegetarian/vegan option for your meal stay healthy as most venues now cater for people with intolerances to wheat and gluten and a plant-based option is almost always available.

Tip 4: when you're in between meals, for example, you’re coming home from an excursion or a day at the beach and you want something light and easy to take you through to dinner, go for a piece or two of local fruit or a fresh juice or smoothie. If you go for the latter option, as always ensure your juice or smoothie only has whole fruits added and nothing artificial.

Tip 5: and finally what’s a summer holiday without a delicious, organic acai bowl? Acai bowls are the perfect solution for you and your entire family when going on a summer holiday adventure as they are loaded with vitamins and minerals to keep you going throughout the day and have a high concentration of vitamin c to help any indulgences leave the kidneys and liver quick smart. Best of all, they are so well appreciated in the summer heat with their refreshing texture and of course delicious flavour. Get your supply of fresh organic acai today!