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Street Workout for Your Body, Mind and Soul

Street Workout for Your Body, Mind and Soul

posted September 5, 2018 - health & wellbeing, news

SUCO (the Sunshine Collective) is on the way to Ibiza as part of a brand new collaboration with Amazonia! These guys don’t need many reasons to celebrate being alive and can't wait to bring a whole bunch of happy vibes to the Island! SUCO is a completely new form of conscious street workout developed by Jamie Beron a dynamic young wellness entrepreneur from South Africa. He created this movement as a way of bringing people together in a healthy and uplifting way, while getting sweaty and having fun during his street workouts.


SUCO is one of those experiences that is hard to sum up in words but here goes. It's more than common street workout--these guys combine yoga, dance, meditation, breathing, playfulness and good old fashioned aerobics with wireless headsets and awesome soundtracks in a way that is completely accessible to all.

What do you need for SUCO

The entire session is guided, making it easy for anyone to take part and completely let go. No skills at all are needed. SUCO is not about being perfect but rather about being YOU and feeling amazing.


“Exercise doesn’t have to feel like exercise and being active and feeling truly alive is a freedom that we should all be celebrating and striving for in our daily lives”

-Jamie Beron

Where crazy street workout by ZUCO will take place

SUCO has been hosting some crazy sessions in Barcelona for the last year bringing together large groups of people to get fit, connect and go nuts. Since they started these sessions in 2017 they have been very eager to set foot on the Island of Ibiza and are so happy to be launching with their good friends at the global superfoods company Amazonia.


Feel like giving yourself a little space to move, breathe and play like a child again?  Why not join this collective of likemindeds as they celebrate the setting sun?

Their first session is planned for the 13th of September 2018 at L’Amorigen in Cala Nova. Take your friends with and savor a full body workout together!

Amazonia will waiting for you there with the bowls full of fruits and acai berries--and we have a little promo code; “LOVETHESUN“ for a cool 20% off!

For more info you can check them out at sucosessions.com