Healthy burgers do exist

Yes, you did read that right. You can have your burger, and eat it too! The ultimate treat meal, the healthy way.

You’re probably asking yourself, is it actually that much healthier? How could this delicious, saucy, juicy burger possibly be good for you? Let’s start with the first fact that using Tender Jack this burger is completely plant-based therefore, vegan – free from gluten, dairy and soy.

Still need more reasons to take the night off meat? Our Tender Jack is hand-harvested, a source of fibre and contains no cholesterol. Unlike some other plant-based meat alternatives available on the market, Jackfruit is a whole food made with minimal processing! Add in some extra salad or vegetables and/or plant-based protein sources if you wish and this will add even more goodness into it making it a delicious, balanced meal!

The perfect quick mid-week or any day of the week, dinner really. Easy to whip up, all you need to do is sizzle and serve. So keep your burger, and swap the patty for tender jack and you’ll never look back. Grab the recipe to our irresistible, mouthwatering loaded smokey BBQ tender jack burger here

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Plant based has never tasted so good. Shop now for Tender Jack.

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