Amazonia Tender Jack is made from certified organic Jackfruit hand harvested from abundant food forests across the ‘Land of Jack’. This cultivation helps to keep these forests standing and provides an ethical, nourishing food source.

Amazonia’s initiative provides income to local communities to hand gather and preserve Tender Jack forests. Further planting of Tender Jack food forests, on once degraded land, also allows for profitable forest cultivation in the future. The benefits of this food have a profound positive impact on local community income,cultivation and Preservation of Tender Jack forests.


Organic Jackfruit*, Tomato Sauce* (Tomato*, Coconut Jaggery*, Chilli*, Lime*, Rock Salt, Ginger*), Tomato*, Soy Sauce* (Soy Beans*, Purified Water, Rock Salt), Coconut Sugar*, Tamarind*, Sunflower Oil*, Vegetable Stock*, Sesame Seeds*, Coconut Jaggery*, Garlic*, Ginger Powder*, Rock Salt, Oregano*, Paprika*, Black Pepper*, White Pepper*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Rosemary*, Thyme*, Garlic Powder*. *Certified Organic. Contains Soy and Sesame.

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What is Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a large, tree-borne fruit, native to tropical Asia.

Our Teriyaki flavour combines tender, young Jackfruit in a sweet, tangy Teriyaki sauce, making it a the perfect vegan addition to your meals.

Young Jackfruit has a tender, meat-like consistency and a subtle taste, making it extremely versatile and perfect in savoury dishes such as salads, burgers, tacos, pizzas and much more.

Amazonia Tender Jack is a source of dietary fibre and contains no artificial ingredients.

Simply heat for 5 minutes and it’s ready!