Tender Jack. From a sustained source to you.

At Amazonia, we strive to be more than just a brand. To be pioneers and drive a truly sustained platform that feeds millions while preserving & planting food forest ecosystems. Even though our products are widely available within Australia and throughout the globe, our roots and impact extend further – right from the source.


Whist we are most well known for our sustainably sourced, Australian certified organic Acai, frozen superfood range and our wholefood Raw Supplement range. We have been fortunate enough to work with the locals to help build communities dedicated to preservation through ethical sourcing of ingredients. From the very beginning, our founder Dwayne Martens has always envisioned each product to represent non-synthetic, wholefood nutrients that help cultivate food forestry & preservation

Recently, we have added a new addition to our sustainably sourced product range – Tender Jack. It could be our best work yet as the source of this product is not only abundantly growing within forests ecosystems but is also a vital component to food forest-agriculture in many regions. Tender Jack is made from organically grown, sustainably sourced young, tender Jackfruit. Jackfruit is a large, tree-borne fruit, native to tropical Asia. It is has a spiky exterior with a white or yellow solid interior. Young, green Jackfruit has a meat-like consistency, delicate texture and a subtle, light taste making it extremely versatile.

We have gone to great lengths to source authentic jack for our Tender Jack range so you can experience the juiciest most delicious Tender Jack available and know your food choice helps us plant and preserve forest ecosystems.

We have been lucky enough to watch Amazonia grow into market leaders and expand globally, however our company values and commitment to the environment is and will always be a priority As we grow and expand our products, ranges and as we become more available worldwide we will continue in turn to create more jobs, protect the local agroforestry and continue to support and build relationships with the local families and communities through each sustained platform.


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