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Lee Holmes

Holistic Chef & Author, Supercharged Food
"I'm loving the Amazonia Raw C formula. It's such a good way to get an injection of anti-oxidants into your system and works as a great immunity booster in an easy to drink format which includes wholefoods and aloe vera."
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Arielle Zinn

Health Blogger at Cocohealth
"After being dissatisfied with many of the protein powders in the market, I was blown away after trying the Amazonia Raw range. The taste, quality and nutritional profile of the products are superior to all others I have tried. To say I am hooked is an understatement!"
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Rita Balshaw

Health & Wellness Coach and Author, Hippies In the City
"I really believe in Amazonia and I am especially grateful for a ethical company that supports healthy living and empowering people to live a more nourishing existence. Amazonia deliver my view that nutrition should be 100% real and 100% delicious, so we ensure we never feel deprived or depleted."
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Majell Backhausen

Elite Ultra Distance Runner
"In order to run 160km in one outing, I must be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Amazonia Products are a clean and sustainable source of all the nutrients and phytonutrients an athlete like me needs to perform at the best of my abilities. Using Amazonia is not only good for your mind and body but it is also good for the earth and its people. I love that I can take care of my health and the health of the planet at once with Amazonia products. Did I mention that they also taste epic?!"
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Andi Lew

Food & Wellness Coach, Presenter and Author, Real Fit Food
"Amazonia Raw products are a supreme brand. They're catering to all my clients needs when it comes to wellness and intolerances. The protein powder is my favourite, because it's dairy free and has no artificial sweeteners. I'm also a bit hooked on the pre-biotics. The way they're packaged is stunning too, as the natural looking range looks stunning in my Real Fit Food cooking school and kitchen."
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Grace Thornell

Health Blogger at thehappycleanvegan
"The Amazonia Raw range is the highest quality products I've come across. Not only are they packed with the best ingredients and superfoods ever, they taste amazing and yield excellent results. I would never use anything else!"
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Charlie de Haas

Health Coach and Founder of Clean Treats
"I personally love Amazonia products because they not only taste great & are hugely beneficial to my health, but because Amazonia is a brand with integrity. I personally follow the creation and development of the new products, their health benefits and Amazonias ethical way of sourcing them. One of my absolute favourite products that makes me feel good from the inside out is the Raw Energy, full of Superfoods, herbs and minerals my body loves it."
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Diana Johnson & Felicia Oreb

The Base Body Babes
"Amazonia make some of our favourite ingredients for our delicious smoothies at our café at Base Gym. We love to add Amazonia Raw pre-probiotics and vitamin C powders."